Who are we?

To provide a loving and safe environment that is Christ-centered and focuses on meeting each child's social, academic, physical, and spiritual needs within an active learning environment. 

  • To help children establish a firm belief in the Bible as God's Word
  • To help children experience God's love through loving relationships with other children and adults
  • To minister to the families of each child through our ministry
  • To help children learn the value of respect, love, and acceptance of others
  • To help children grow in trust, independence, and initiative
  • To help children make progress in problem-solving, sharing, and expressing themselves
  • To help children think and make choices through individual and group activities

Seacoast Christian Academy is a preschool designed to prepare children for their future education by building on the elements of play and learning. Preschoolers learn best through their play, and Seacoast will aim to build great academic foundations through these formative years while they develop a love of learning.

Our Mission

Our Purpose

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